Big data startup Hapyrus raises $925,000 from Japanese investors


hapyrus_logoSilicon Valley-based big data startup Hapyrus announced this week that it has raised $925,000 from several investors in Japan and the US. This follows its previous round of seed funding from CyberAgent back in November of 2011. The investors this time are:

  • Shigeru Urushibara (president of Japanese systems integrator UL Systems)
  • Shogo Kawada (co-founder of DeNA)
  • CyberAgent Ventures
  • Kiyoshi Nishikawa (president of NetAge)
  • Nissay Capital
  • William Lohse (former president of Ziff-Davis publishing, angel investor for Pinterest)

The startup was launched back in March of 2011 by Japanese entrepreneur Koichi Fujikawa. He previously worked at Yahoo Japan and at Japanese location-based ad platform startup Sirius Technology (acquired by Yahoo Japan in 2010). Japan’s governmental IT promotion agency heralded him as a “genius talent” in the computer industry with his Hadoop middleware project for scripting Ruby DSL (domain specific language).


The startup launched a new service called FlyData for Amazon Redshift back in April, which allows automatic uploading and migration of data to Amazon Redshift, the data-warehouse service that can scale to petabyte size. For developers, the service allows you to control and send log files on your server to your own Amazon Redshift cluster over Amazon S3 at a frequency of once every five minutes. This helps you easily conduct an almost realtime-like big data analysis over the cloud.

They have another service called FlyData for Heroku, which also allows the automatic upload of log data on Heroku to Amazon EC3.

On a related note, Treasure Data, another notable Japanese startup focused on big data solutions, also received angel investment worth $2.75 million back in 2012, with funds coming from several investors including Jerry Yang (Yahoo co-founder) and Yukihiro ‘Matz’ Matsumoto (the inventor of the Ruby language).