Japanese startup offers network optimization in Europe, sets up shop in Luxembourg

Skeed’s office in Luxumbourg

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It’s been three months since I visited Luxembourg for ICT Spring 2013. Interestingly one Japanese startup, Skeed, recently launched an office there as its base for their service expansions in the European region. Skeed is a Tokyo-based startup focused on developing a high-speed data transmission technology [1].

The company is perhaps best known for its SSBP (Skeed Silver Bullet) Protocol, which optimizes the delivery of file and data transfer between multiple locations. Since the technology will not put a heavy processing load on your PC or mobile, it makes it easier for potential clients to adopt it. It can also compensate for the inherent shortcomings of TCP and improve transmission efficiency better than conventional FTP-based file transfers. So it provides great value for mobile carriers or internet service providers, which often struggle with bandwidth congestion.

This SSBP technology was originally developed by Dr. Isamu Kaneko, known for having developed P2P-based file sharing software Winny. Readers may remember that he suddenly passed away back in July. Authorities harassed him for this file sharing software, but his technology was reborn as a solution to underlie the rich media era.

Mobile gaming developers these days are paying special attention to new technologies that can help their traffic mitigation efforts. We can expect many of them start using the startup’s technology in their mobile apps or gaming platforms very soon.

Skeed’s pitch at ICT Spring 2013 (by Nariaki Hatta)

  1. Among the Japanese startups which participated in the event, Anydoor (known for crowdsourced translation service Conyac) and Chatwork (knowledge sharing tool for business) have already announced intention to launch their offices in Luxembourg.