Hello Kitty dungeon featured in latest Puzzle & Dragons collaboration



GungHo Online Entertainment has teamed up with Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, to launch yet another cross-game collaboration. The promotion will bring Hello Kitty characters into GungHo’s hit mobile game, Puzzle and Dragons, while P&D themed decorations will be available for players of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty World.

For P&D players it represents a chance to collect rare Hello Kitty themed monsters for your team. Anyone who has tried the collaboration dungeon will no doubt have been rewarded with a few of the crappier cards. But there are some quality cards to be found, especially if you try the Hello Kitty Rare Egg Machine (pictured above, center), a special themed ‘gacha’ machine 1. Some of the more rare and powerful monsters available are pictured below.

Overall I think the collaboration will be a good one for Sanrio, promoting their game to the millions of P&D players in Japan and around the world.

Conversely, I don’t think there will be much value for GungHo by promoting Puzzle & Dragons inside Hello Kitty World. The latter is a pretty unremarkable game unless you’re a major Kitty-phile, and it won’t bring GungHo any great amount of new users. But the Hello Kitty IP is an asset to have in its game, and that’s the primary goal here, I expect.

You can check out more of the Hello Kitty monsters available in this collaboration over on the Puzzle & Dragons database.

Princess Valkitty

Goddess Hello Kitty




  1. I got a Cinnamoroll. ↩