Old meets new as Puzzle & Dragons collaboration adds Space Invaders characters



Last month we told you about GungHo Entertainment’s successful collaboration with Finnish game developer Supercell, an effort to cross-promote their respective games, Puzzle & Dragons and Clash of Clans. And now today GungHo has just launched another crossover event with Taito corporation’s Groove Coaster Zero [1].

Like the Supercell promotion, this collaboration features special limited time dungeons within Puzzle & Dragons, including special Groove Coaster backgrounds and music, as well as special Space Invaders monsters like Octopus, Crab, Squid, and UFO.

For those who have yet to try Groove Coaster Zero, it’s a rhythm game that features lots of popular music (such songs from Lady Gaga or Gwen Stefani), where the player has to tap out the beat when given visual cues. I was going to give you a video demo, but I’m absolutely terrible at it…

On Taito’s side of the cross promotion, there’s be a free-to-play remix of the Puzzle & Dragon theme music, with the top 1000 ranked players eligible for a special in-game gift. There will also be a P&D themed music pack available for Groove Coaster Zero as well.

Many people have wondered whether or not Puzzle & Dragons can succeed beyond Japan. Personally I think if it can continue to execute smart in-game collaborations like this one, then its eventual success is virtually assured [2]. It’s a very clever promotional tactic.

groove-coaster-puzzle-dragons-2 groove-coaster-puzzle-dragons-2

  1. This cross promotion was originally scheduled for July, but was postponed due to some technical difficulties.  ↩

  2. It could be argued that P&D has already succeeded in the US. Not because it has surpassed a million downloads, but because it has ranked relatively well on the top grossing charts – the most important metric for every game developer.  ↩