Fabless printing startup Raksul partners with Stores.jp, fulfills printing needs for e-store owners


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storesRaksul, a Tokyo-based startup providing online printing services, announced today it has partnered with Stores.jp, the e-commerce platform that lets you set up a store online in minutes.

Raksul is a fabless company that provides printing services in partnership with more than 1,400 printing factories nationwide. Users can place printing orders at affordable rates because the participating printers use their downtime to finish those orders.

The partnership allows the owners of online stores using the Stores.jp platform to order free printing of their store’s promotional cards, providing an one-stop solution for e-commerce owners. This makes it easier to manage their stores, since they can also do other things like set up a promotional newsletter or apply for credit card payments all in one place.

raksulWith the partnership, Raksul also lets the store owners pay more attention to printing materials as promotion tools. Both startups are also planning to introduce a new service together, although the details of this are not yet known.

Earlier this month, Raksul announced it had partnered with Crowdworks, a startup that crowdsources engineering and design needs for business cards and hand-outs.

Raksul was founded in 2009 and raised a total amount of 230 million yen ($2.4 million) during the last year from Nissay Capital, Yahoo Japan, and angel investor Anri Samata. Stores.jp was founded by Yusuke Mitsumoto who has developed a variety of web services.