Another Finnish collaboration for Japan’s GungHo: Angry Birds coming to Puzzle & Dragons



And the collaborations keep on coming for Japanese hit game Puzzle & Dragons. Having already partnered successfully with Supercell on Clash of Clans, it has been announced that GungHo Online Entertainment will now work with the other Finnish mobile gaming giant Rovio, bringing Angry Birds characters into Puzzle & Dragons. The campaign will run from November 18 to December 1st.

Blogger Chiyo Komoriya points out that Rovio still isn’t very popular here in Japan, largely due to competition from strong character brands like Line and Nameco. When we spoke with Rovio representatives here in Tokyo earlier in the year, they emphasized a slow-and-steady, long term strategy, with the goal of learning the market and partnering with local companies like Sanrio, the maker of Hello Kitty.

So exactly how will Angry Birds look in P&D? Rovio has announced that they will be asking fans for their input on that point. They’re asking fans to graphically answer the question “What if the Angry Birds showed up in the world of Puzzle & Dragons?” Check out Rovio’s blog post for more details.

The tie-up with Puzzle & Dragons will certainly help give their games some visibility in the short term here in Japan. Although in the long term, Rovio still has a tough challenge ahead.

Last week we told you about GungHo’s P&D collaboration with Warner Bros, bringing Batman characters into Puzzle & Dragons. There is still about a week to go in that event.