Wasabeat, Japan’s online music store for DJs, launches streaming player app for iOS



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Tokyo-based startup Tokyo Digital Music Syndicates (TDMS) has been running an online music store called Wasabeat since 2007, offering high-quality sound sources for club DJs. The company announced in October the launch of a free music streaming player app with Wasabeat for iOS.

The app implements a recommendation function called ‘streaming mode‘, selecting most appropriate music pieces for each user from 1.2 million pieces within the Wasabeat database distributed by 10,000 labels all over the world. By being marked ‘star’ on favorite music pieces by the user, the app learns the user’s preference and will reflect that to the next recommendation.

Beside the streaming mode, the app has ‘channel mode’ allowing users to select music pieces suiting themes such as ‘weekly top pickups’, ‘weekly top 20’, and ‘original compilation’. Users can try to listen to all music contents free of charge for 2 minutes each on the app, and can purchase favorites ones at full length. The company plans to launch a premium version in the spring of 2016 allowing to play all music contents at full length without purchasing each.


In March, TDMS also launched a crowdfunding website for artists to consign manufacturing and sales of the vinyl record based on their sound sources called Qrates. On the website, music pieces by indies artists and DJs are open to the public, and since August, the music catalog of a major label Universal Music Japan has become available for pre-ordering popular tracks listed on it.

The company fundraised this year an undisclosed amount from Japanese Karaoke maker Xing as well as VC firms like IMJ Investment Partners and PE&HR.

Translated by Taijiro Takeda
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy