Japanese stock photo service Pixta ties up with ImagineChina, gaining ground in China



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Japan’s Pixta, running a marketplace for stock photos, illustration, and movie resources, announced an agreement of a partnership contract with Chinese stock photo service ImagineChina. Some of materials owned by Pixta will be sold on ImagineChina from January 2016 on a trial basis.

The online advertisement market in China has been showing rapid growth in recent years. The market size is seen reaching $23.9 billion in 2014, and $31 billion in 2015, so Pixta is shifting its business emphasis into Asia in anticipation of revitalized demand for photo and video materials. Previously, Pixta had also established a branch office in Taiwan for the purpose of inbound measures toward Japan, where an increased number of utilization also can be seen.

Meanwhile, ImagineChina is one of the biggest stock photo platforms in China dealing more than 5 million photo, illustration, video and creative items available for press use as material including newspapers, magazines, books or ads; it has been seeking a business partner holding abundant Japanese content. This idea coincided with Pixta’s ambition to expand into the Asian market including China, and that eventually brought this agreement.

First, Pixta will start selling 14,000 copyrighted photo materials especially focusing on Japanese models for the double purpose of trial sales and market research. The prices will change depending on the usage methods and ImagineChina will be charged a certain ratio of the sales for each purchase. Through this partnership, Pixta will attempt to advance into China and to expand the Chinese market.

Translated by Taijiro Takeda
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy