5 Apple Watch apps and platforms from Japanese startups that you don’t want to miss

Via Flickr by Rosa Jiménez Cano. Licenced under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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Apple Watch was officially introduced earlier this week. Because its planned shipping volume will overwhelmingly exceed that of Android Wear or other smart watches, Apple Watch is the main topic everywhere in the tech community for the first half of this year.

As the launch of Apple draws near, people are more likely to be interested in what Apple Watch apps crop up in the future. We collected plans of Apple Watch app launches from Japanese startups, primarily involving our reader base.

We couldn’t collect a lot of information as it is so soon after the official announcement of Apple Watch. However, this will provide a clue in assuming what kind of user experience will be delivered as well as what startups will bring these apps. So I hope this will help provide a future outlook for this space.

Dr. Wallet (by BearTail)

Dr. Wallet is a cloud-based household accounting solution that lets one track personal finances by simply scanning receipts. Dr. Wallet’s Apple Watch app allows entry of expenses from the wrist and sync with Dr. Wallet’s smartphone app. If a scanned receipt is used with the smartphone app, one can receive notification via Apple Watch app when BearTail’s operators finish digitalizing the scanned data so one can handle expense records in the app. If a monthly limit of expenses is set with the app, one can easily see with the Apple Watch app what percentage has already been consumed.

Seeing is believing. Check out the video below.

Prott(by Goodpatch)


Prott is a prototyping tool for smart devices apps, and now supports designing user interfaces for Apple Watch apps. This doesn’t mean one cannot control Prott with Apple Watch. However, as more startups develop Apple Watch apps, the more users Prott can acquire.


Nain is a Tokyo-based startup launched in November 2014, currently developing a social network service for smart watches. The above slides show what they intend to do. We will provide more details later on.

SnapDish (by Vuzz)

SnapDish is one of popular food photo apps from Japan. In contrast with other apps, their users are more likely to take pictures of their homemade dishes, so Vuzz, the company behind the the SnapDish app, thinks that developing an Apple Watch app syncing with “hunger pangs” is possible. (Photo below is the smartphone version of SnapDish.)




Yuichi Kato previously worked at Rakuten as a project manager for their recently-acquired chat and messaging app Viber. He quit the e-commerce giant and is currently developing an AppleWatch app for tennis players, called TennisCore.

When tennis players get ahead in their game, they tend to forget counting their scores. To prevent this, Kato developed an iPhone app that allows players to count their scores. But as it is hard to play the game while holding a smartphone, he planned an Apple Watch app that lets them keep counting with their wrist.

Towards April 24th when Apple will launch the smart watch product here in Japan, we are told that more startups are preparing release of Apple Watch apps soon. We also heard undisclosed updates regarding these apps from several Japanese startups, so people will receive user experiences never before experienced.

The Bridge’s editorials expect to be overwhelmingly busy covering more Apple Watch apps from Japanese startups over the next 6 weeks.

Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy