Japanese prototyping tool Prott adds Apple Watch app development support



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Tokyo-based Goodpatch, a startup that specializes in developing UX/UI improvement solutions, announced today that its prototyping tool Prott now supports app development for the Apple Watch. The platform is available for iOS, desktop (Mac OS and Windows OS) as well as on the web, and it is also integrated with internal communication tools such as Slack and Hipchat, which allows the sharing of updates on prototyping using the Prott app in an engineering team.

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Prott was launched in beta version in April and an official version was launched in October. Prott has been adding supporting mobile platforms such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPad, and Android. While Apple Watch will start shipping next year, WatchKit, a toolkit for coding and testing apps for the upcoming smartwatch, has been introduced for developers.

Goodpatch founder and CEO Naofumi Tsuchiya spoke on Prott and Apple Watch app development support:

There will be many Apple Watch apps being developed next year. For most developers, it will be the first time to develop an app for a smart watch, so prototyping while developing apps makes them more helpful.

We will keep up with latest various smart devices. The platform will have some hidden functions. So please have fun finding them.