Japan’s Tabelog hits 5M restaurant reviews, you’d need 13.5 years to read them all



The Japanese equivalent of Yelp, Tabelog, announced today that its total number of restaurant reviews have surpassed five million. To celebrate this huge milestone, the review site has launched a campaign where 50 couples will be invited to 50 restaurants, all of which have reviews exceeding 4.0. Of all the restaurants listed on the site, 760,000 to be specific, only 0.1% meet this criteria.

Tabelog opened way back in March of 2005, and with 50 million monthly visitors it is now the go-to destination for many Japanese people looking for a great place to eat. According to the company, five million reviews add up to roughly 2.3 billion Japanese characters. To understand how impressive this number is, it would take about 13.5 years to read it all out loud, and it would take a daily newspaper 25.2 years to publish as much.

The special landing page that Tablog has created for its campaign is convenient even if you’re not going to participate. It showcases 50 top-notch restaurants in Japan by region, information normally restricted to those with premium accounts. A few examples of restaurants that made the cut include:

  • Saeki, a sushi restaurant in the Osaka area
  • Yanagiya, an unagi restaurant in Gifu prefecture
  • Apicius, a French restaurant in Ginza

If you’d like to give it a browse, you can view the selected restaurants from your computer or from your smartphone.