Let’s Golf: Hit the links in a maid costume in Line’s latest game



As I chatted with a friend on Line earlier today, he suggest that I try one of the new games on the chat platform, Let’s Golf, to see if I could beat his score. Most of Line’s games are pretty casual and I rarely come back to many of them. But developed by Gameloft and sporting some decent 3D graphics, I expected this one to be a little better. So I gave it a try.

I began the game with four straight hole-in-ones, which almost made me immediately put it aside it was so easy. This is clearly not for golf purists (not that I am one) but rather it’s a little more fast paced. All you have to do is aim for the pin, there’s no putting involved at all. But surprisingly, you are on a timer.

There are two oscillating meters on the side for strength and accuracy (hardly novel in golf games) and you need to tap the screen when they’re in the sweet spot [1]. What makes the game fun is the timer, challenging you to score as many points as you can by coming close to the hole or hitting lots of aces. You also have a chance in fever mode at the end of rounds to pocket some extra points.

line lets golf

And then there are the outfits. In addition to being able to upgrade your clubs, you can also upgrade/change your golf attire. The available costumes are pretty outrageous, with choices including a diving suit, Santa costume, a French maid outfit, a kimono, samurai armor, and a bikini. That’s just a few of them, and you can unlock more are you play through the game.

This is one if the more fun Line titles that I’ve played so far, and its good to see the company working with quality developers to offer a strong range of casual games. China’s favorite me-too messenger WeChat is no doubt still watching closely, having just released a knockoff of Line’s WindRunner this past week with its GunZ Dash. I’ll compare those two in a future article. As both chat platforms try to go global, the games that they offer will be of even greater importance.

Overall Let’s Golf is definitely worth a download, especially if you are a regular user of Line and you want to destroy your friends’ gaming spirits as I did. If you’d like to check it out, you can get it for iOS or Android as a free download.

line lets golf

  1. The simple one-tap controls are nice, and for anyone who commutes on a train, it’s a good way to kill some time.  ↩