ClassBox is a must-have mobile app for Chinese university students



For university students who want to manage their class schedule, the default iOS calendar doesn’t quite have enough features. To address this shortcoming issue, Tianfang Li spent 10 days to prototype an app, which soon after attracted 3000 students. That’s how ClassBox got started.

He released a second version of his app in September, 2012. This version could automatically extract the lecture data from most university websites in China. Even though similar apps existed, ClassBox excelled in ease of use, requiring only one minute to set up.

A month after its launch, the app attracted a million students from over 500 universities across China. Going beyond just management of class schedules, the app became essential for students who wanted to coordinate their campus life. Coinciding with the beginning of classes in September of 2013, a third version of the app was released this year, this time helping students build plans for their future.

ClassBox has come to be recognized as means of efficiently reaching university students in China. This led the company to get the sponsorship from popular fashion commerce site, Vancl, and some promotion on posters by Evernote (see below).

Li says that the next step for the app is a communication element where students can ask classmates when they have free time, for example.

This ClassBox poster above was put up in many Chinese universities, sponsored by Vancl and Evernote