Japanese location-based search engine Pathee raises $1.3 million



Tokyo-based Trietrue, the startup that operates location-based (Japanese) search engine Pathee, announced yesterday that it has raised 130 million yen (about $1.3 million) from Japanese digital marketing company Opt and Daiwa PI Partners. Pathee is a search engine focused on helping users obtain more relevant search results using the location detection technology. You may have sometimes seen such location-specific results when using search services like Google or Yahoo.

For example, when you need to find a bathroom, you can simply enter ‘toilet’ in a search bar of the app, and it will navigate you to any of the bathrooms within a five-minute walk from where you are. What’s unique here is the result includes the locations of bathrooms in shopping complexes or other public premises, despite the fact that Google Maps can only show you a list of intentionally designated ‘public bathrooms’.

The service currently is available only as a mobile web app, but an iOS app will be coming at the end of May.


via TechCrunch Japan