Top 7: In Japan, niche photo sites celebrate your favorite girls



The number and variety of websites on the net are practically endless. Looking at the top trafficked sites for Japan, we see internet giants like Yahoo, Google, Youtube, Amazon, and Rakuten. But the beauty of the internet is that there is always room for more, and so even niche websites can find a strong following.

I recently came across a fun list of such websites, a collection of Japanese photo sites dedicated to different kinds of girls. Here are some of the more notable websites we found in the list, in no particular order.

1. TwinTail

The name of this website says it all. Its concept is to make Japanese women more beautiful, more ‘energetic’, and more fun by the power of twintails, or pig-tails. Twintails was a bit of a trend for fashionable young girls, particularly those that hang out in the famous Harajuku district. Japanese anime likely heavily impacts this trend, as famous characters like Sailor Moon and Hatsune-Miku have their hair up in twintails. Of course, if pig-tails aren’t your thing, there is a site for ponytails too.


2. Megane Joshi

Megane Joshi’ means ‘girls with glasses’ in Japanese. This website exists as an inbound-marketing tool for glasses manufacturer Alook. Of course, all of the glasses that the models are wearing can be purchased at the store, and there is event-related content that lets you to find glasses to match your fashion. For every Megane Joshi, there is a video, here’s one example:

3. Icecco

Icecco is a website that showcases photos of girls eating popsicles. The site is pretty simple, consisting of photos of the girls and their personal profiles. In the profile section the girls share their top three favorite kinds of ice cream. The photos are taken by various photographers. The picture below is Chihiro Fujiwara, and her favorite ice creams are Giant Cone, Yukimi Daifuku, and Ice-no-mi.


4. Hitomebore

Hitomebore is filled with photos of girls with an eye-patch. Fundamentally, the word ‘hitomebore’ means love at first sight in Japanese. But ‘Hitomi’ also means eyes, and ‘hito’ can mean one, making the website title a playful label for girls wearing eye-patch. Seiichi Sakakibara is the photographer behind these pictures, who believes that the covered eye can stir the imagination.


5. Necogirl

Necogirl’s tagline says, ‘Are you a cat person or a dog person? We’re cat people.’ On Necogirl, you can find photos of girls wearing cat-ear headsets, or girls who have their hair up the similar way. The site claims that this is an actual fashion style and introduces many ways to add Neco (or cat) taste into your fashion.

6. Hanagirl

Girls are beautiful and so are flowers. Hanagirl puts these two beautiful things together and introduces them as a photo gallery. Each girl can be viewed in photos as well as in a video. The girl below is Yui Matsumoto, and you can check out her video here.


7. Ringo-a-me

Ringo-a-me’ means “candy apple” in Japanese. The purpose of the website remains mysterious, but the theme is girls and candy apples. The photos are very high in quality and there are a bunch of photos where girls are dressed in yukata, a casual summer kimono commonly worn in summer festivals. And at street stalls for such events, candy apples are a common treat.