New iPhone Twitter client from Japan lets you send stickers!


Readers may recall back in April when we featured the very clever Stamp Messenger, an app that lets users send animated stamps in Facebook messages. Since then, of course, Facebook has added support for its own stickers, although they’re not especially impressive.

But the company behind Stamp Messenger, Tokyo-based Pickles Inc., has been busy with something else in the meantime. Now it is bringing Asian sticker fun to Twitter via its new app PicTwick. It’s an iOS Twitter client that, in addition to having a slick design, lets you send sticker images to your friends quickly and easily. Check out our demo video above to see how it works.

It’s a media-rich experience, supporting the in-line display of photos and video from 13 different services, including Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Tumblr, Path and more.

And for those who like a customized Twitter client, PicTwick includes 11 different colorful skins – although so far I find myself liking the wood finish of the default theme very much. You can also load your own backgrounds from a wide selection, or even load your own background from your camera roll.

But it should be noted that viewing these stickers outside the app is not as smooth as it is from within PicTwick. Users will see a web link with the sticker, as well as links that encourage you to download the application. (Update: It looks like you can view them on Twitter, but not in direct messages) [1].

It’s still a pretty solid Twitter client though, even if you never send a single sticker. So if you’d like to try out PicTwick for yourself, you can get it for free over on the App Store. (h/t Weekly Ascii)

pictwick_sticker pictwick_ash

pictwick_support pictwick_skins

  1. I’d also love to see List support, although I expect that wouldn’t be a priority for Pickles.  ↩