Japan’s DeNA and Mugenup team up for real time animated broadcasting



This is an abridged version of our original report in Japanese.

Our readers may recall when we recently reported about DeNA’s new Showroom app. It allows users to enjoy live performances with media personalities and stars on mobile. Now the company teamed up with the anime-focused crowdsoucing platform Mugenup to launch a new service today. It’s called ‘Showroom Anime’.

It lets animated characters speak and move in synchronization with live performances or with the voices of actors using real time motion capture technology that Mugenup has developed. The animated show is called ‘Kochira Musumejima Kotogakko Hosobu’ (literally meaning ‘This is Broadcasting Club at Musumejima Island High school’) where several aspiring idol girls broadcast a pirate TV show from at a ficticious remote island off Japan.

The program will air through the app every Monday at 9pm, Japan time. You can check out their promotional video below.