Japanese livestreaming app TwitCasting to support collaborative broadcasting



We have featured the Japanese live broadcasting app TwitCasting more than a few times here on The Bridge. Moi Corporation, the startup that operates the service, recently unveiled that it is planning to add a new multi-person broadcast feature very soon.

Many international TV news stations like CNN and BBC sometimes bring live feeds from multiple locations onto a single screen. The app’s new feature will allow up to four users to bring their live feeds into a single program channel. The company hopes this feature will let new users enjoy collaborative broadcasting with veteran users, and encourage them to start their own live programs using the app. This feature will be available upon the next update, so keep an eye out for it.

The startup also announced that the Twitcasting service has surpassed 5.45 million users. The founder sees this as a significant figure, as it’s more than the current population of Finland – a country where he used to live and that he respect a lot. Interestingly, the name of his company Moi Corporation also represents a Finland connection, as ‘Moi’ means ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ in Finnish.

via TechCrunch Japan