Meet Japanese entrepreneur trying to disrupt Thai recruitment market


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Some of our readers may know Japanese recruiting company LiveSense succeeded in IPO back in 2012 with the business model giving rewards to users when securing a new job using the company’s platform. This business model has been adopted at more than a few sites in this space, and such companies include Taiwan-based job search site Job178 which recently fundraised from Japanese internet company Mixi.

Following this trend, Job Talents was officially launched back in March in Thailand. The service was launched by Yojiro Koshi who was previously working with Japanese mobile ad network company Nobot (acquired by Japanese telco KDDI’s subsidiary Mediba back in 2011) for their business developments in Thailand. He figured out that the new wave of innovation has not yet reached the Thai recruiting industry, and is trying to bring never-before-seen services to this space. Koshi told us how they plan to evolve their business from now:

We plan to add a feature that helps our users create their resumes. Because many people are not used to create a resume or have no custom to attach their portrait to it. We recently invited a Thai consultant to our team. She has been helping a lot of local people get employed again in Thailand. We will also give our users advice on creating a resume or an employment interview.

Japanese gaming publisher Donuts is hiring game designers for their local subsidiary in Thailand using Job Talents.

The company is currently a five-person team comprising of Japanese, Thai, and American staff. One of the biggest issues they are facing is that they are not able to roll out additional features and interface improvements so fast. In order to address this, they expect to raise money this summer for hiring new engineers, and are exploring funding opportunities for it now.

In this space in the Southeast Asian region, we’ve seen competitors like Jobtopgun (Thailand), jobsDB (Hong Kong), and (Malaysia). Koshi is devoting himself to adjusting his service to the needs of the Thai job seekers, and he has receiving advice from famous Thai entrepreneur Natavudh Pungcharoenpon, CEO of Thai e-publication startup Ookbee which recently fundraised from Japanese system integration company Trans Cosmos.

Since its launched earlier this year, Job Talents has acquired about 1,000 job seekers and 100 companies, so they still need to work harder to show a more active presence amongst the Thai people. We understand that their marketing still depend only on Facebook ads Google Adwords, so I expect them to do it better making good use of the Line app which has the world’s second largest user population in Thailand.