Japan’s digital marketing startup Showcase Gig launches IoT platform for retailers



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Tokyo-based Showcase Gig, the digital marketing startup best known for its mobile wallet and CRM (customer relationship management) platform ‘O:der’ (pronounced ‘order’), recently launched an IoT (Internet of Things) platform called O:der Connect, which connects the O:der app that consumers have on their smartphones with in-store hardware devices at retailers.

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O:der Connect


O:der Connect is an extensive feature of the O:der platform. By installing the O:der Connect app into cash registers, it will link up with the O:der platform so that store clerks can handle tasks such as mobile app-based payments, customer relationship management, and order management using a cash register.

Customer visit notifications using Beacon as well as order and payment information from apps are shown on the screen of cash registers, enabling retailers to complete tasks, which previously required multiple devices, on a single device. Since order data will be analyzed online real-time, information such as more personalized coupons can now be sent out.

Casio’s V-Regi is the first model as a cash register linkable with the O:der Connect platform, which was exhibited at RetailTech Japan 2015 from March 3rd to the 6th in Tokyo.


The above screen will appear in a cash register using O:der Connect. When a customer places an order using the O:der app, a new order will be added to the ‘newly arrived orders’ section on the retailer’s interface. By tapping on the order in that, its details will appear on the next screen.


When a store clerk accepts receiving the order on this screen, the user will be notified with a confirmation that the order has been received, while the store begins preparing an item based the order. When the item has been prepared, retailers can send the user another notification simply using the cash register they usually use.

When the user visits the store, Beacon will detect the approach so that retailers can promptly hand the item over to the user. Store clerks can check out profile details of O:der customers visiting at storefront, which allows retailers to issue a discount coupon for a customer’s birthday purchase or understand how often or frequently the customer has visited their store.

Showcase Gig wants to expand the applicable scope range of the O:der Connect platform from cash registers beyond to hardware devices, wearable devices, and connected cars.

As more smart devices will be introduced in the future, the O:der connect app will allow more consumers to easily place orders and payments, while it will also enable retailers to make a different promotional effort to every single customer thanks to the analysis from acquired data about customer behaviors.

These are good enough to excite us, but the Showcase Gig team still have some more news releases which will give us a big surprise. They have been proposing new forms of in-store retail practices every year, so it will be really interesting to see what they will bring next.

From the right: Showcase Gig CEO Takefumi Nitta, producer Akira Nakano

Translated by Kenji Hayakawa via Conyac crowdsourced translation service
Edited by Masaru Ikeda and “Tex” Pomeroy