Japanese deli delivery service begins closed beta for corporate users



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How many business people care about the nutritional balance of their diet? For busy professionals, maintaining a balanced diet can be especially tough to manage during work days.

Chisan is a delicatessen delivery company in Japan. It has operated a deli delivery service called Okan, targeting single businessmen who live alone [1]. The company started a new service on November 25 called ‘Office Okan’, delivering additive-free Japanese deli to offices. It is currently accepting corporate users applications for its closed beta version.

Okan is a service that regularly delivers Japanese deli to a registered addresses. Since the B2C service was launched on March 26 this year, approximately 200 users have subscribed to the service. The new service, Office Okan, caters to corporate users.

With Office Okan, corporate customers will receive Japanese deli once a month, since the deli lasts about a month. The package contains 15 kinds of Japanese home-style deli, including “simmered mackerel in miso” and “simmered meat and potatoes”. Brown rice, which lasts about a month, is also available as an additional order. These can be refrigerated, and users can prepare the meal in about minutes.

The company’s CEO, Keita Swaki, says the service can replace lunch, dinner, and even in-between snacks with healthy Japanese deli. Chisan aims to provide opportunities to ensure a well-balanced diet, giving business people an easy way to manage it.

  1. We use the word ‘deli’ as a loose translation here, as the foods included can include meat, fish, beans, vegetables, and more. You can browse the kinds of foods on the Okan.jp site.  ↩