Yahoo Japan to launch online ticket sales service, poised to shake up $10B market



Japan’s Nikkei reports that Yahoo Japan (TYO:4689) will launch an online ticket sales service that will allow users to join live events by presenting e-tickets on their smartphone screen at the event venue [1]. So far in this space, convenience store chain Lawson, Sony-backed Entertainment Plus, and 7-Eleven-backed Pia already have a head start, and Yahoo Japan will to be the fourth major player. The ticket sales market in Japan is said to be worth about 1 trillion yen (or about $10 billion).

Yahoo Japan is expected to launch its box office service, to be called Pass Market, in a couple of days. All Yahoo Japan users will have access to the service, and when you buy a ticket it will be deducted from your bank account according to the information in your registered user profile. The ticket will be sent to the user’s smartphone in the form of a unique QR code. After presenting the code to a ticket checker at the event venue, they can scan it using a smartphone camera to confirm its validity.

With conventional ticket sales platforms, an event organizer usually pays several thousand dollars to starting selling tickets, as well as a 10% commission on the ticket sales. But Yahoo Japan will take no set-up fee, and only a 5% commission charge of the ticket sales.

As Japan’s largest internet portal, with more than 27 million user accounts, this new service should represent a significant revenue stream for event organizers – and for Yahoo Japan too, of course.

On a related note, there are also many startups that provide simple ticket sales services for meetups and events, including Peatix, Tixee, Zussar, EventRegist, Everevo, and Atnd.

Our readers may recall that Yahoo Japan has recently acquired on-demand cinema service DreamPass last month.

  1. The Nikkei report can be found here, although it’s paywalled.  ↩