Responding to Japanese customer demand, MakeLeaps now does delivery slips



We have previously discussed Tokyo-based startup MakeLeaps, which offers an online quotes and invoicing solution for freelancers and businesses in Japan. Today the company announced a third service to its repertoire of offerings, rolling out the capability to create delivery slips from its system as well. This is the most requested feature that they receive from their customers, they say.

These slips are important notifications used very heavily in Japan to confirm the delivery of purchased electronic goods and services. If you’ve never had to manage delivery slips (like me!), the significance of this offering was not immediately obvious.

But I had a chance to browse some of the feedback from their customers, and it looks like this feature can significantly save them time and manual effort in their day-to-day workflow.

Bringing management of quotes, invoices, and delivery slips together under its platform, MakeLeaps is centralizing document management for freelancers and businesses. According to its announcement, the company had been providing this delivery slip feature to a group of beta testers, obtaining feedback from those users so they could refine and improve it before today’s official launch.

Back in June MakeLeaps announced that it had surpassed 10,000 business users. They’re aiming to grow that to 25,000 companies by July of 2014.