Japan’s heatmap analytics solution Pt engine launches Android SDK in closed beta



See the original story in Japanese.

Tokyo-based Ptmind, the startup that operates heatmap access analytics solution Pt engine (previously known as Ptmind, and especially known as Miapex outside Japan), announced today that it has launched an Android native app version in closed beta.

Conventional versions of the solution support heatmap analytics for web apps on mobile but not the ones for native apps. Comprised of tracking and reporting SDKs (software developer kits), the Android native app version analyzes user behavior on news curation apps, for instance, which typically have dynamic scrollviews or screen changes. So Ptmind expects a wider range of app developers to use the solution to analyze user behavior.

The solution has such functions as:

  • Analytics reporting available without a desktop
  • Heatmap analytics available in real-time access or for past access in the last 30 days
  • Reporting available on mobile anytime, anywhere
  • Even on apps using dynamic scrollviews or screen changes, animated analytics heatmap can be overlapped on a real-time app screen showing accordingly. (see video below, 08sec to 15sec)

Since its global launch in October 2013, Pt engine has been adopted by over 4,500 mobile websites in Japan alone. Developers interested in the new version can apply for a test integration on the company’s website. The company says an iOS native app version will follow.