Japan’s heatmap analytics solution Ptengine surpasses 20,000 subscribers worldwide



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Tokyo-based Ptmind, the startup that operates heatmap access analytics solution Ptengine (previously known as Ptmind in Japan and Miapex outside Japan), recently announced that it has acquired over 20,000 user accounts.

The analytics tool was launched back in July of 2013. As indicated by winning the Good Design Award, a design promotion initiative of the Japanese government, the company has delivered a universally easy-to-use interface and a fun-to-use experience. The tool’s heatmap function shows users how their visitors viewed or clicked on their websites, thus contributing to individual and corporate website owners acquisitions.

The user growth of Ptengine since its launch back in July 2013.

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In late 2014, they integrated with US-based A/B testing tool Optimisely and started a full-scale service operation in the English-language markets. The partnership with the top global company in testing tools has helped Ptengine gain confidence from users.

Ptmind CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Ryotaro Ohara explained:

We have noticed a good result as expected from the integration with Optimisely but our analysis shows that the massive growth in our subscribers are mainly due to our marketing efforts. We enlarged our marketing team targeting the English-language markets, going through many trials and errors for various measures.

The company understands that the number of users as well as the level of recognition for Ptengine in both Japan and the English-language markets are yet still low. Beyond expending more efforts into marketing activities, focus upon visualizing data metrics on the platform will be enhanced so that companies can more likely make an appropriate business decision based on it.

As their user base grows steadily and globally, it will be interesting to see how Ptmind will strengthen the platform’s functionality while integrating with other service platforms to better serve users.

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