Japan’s noBackend development platform Milkcocoa now eases IoT and M2M integration



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Some of our readers may recall that we introduced the Milkcocoa platform developed by Fukuoka-based startup Technical Rockstars. It enables automation of managing servers through single-line script tag insertion into the HTML source, which means support for front-end engineers in managing the back-end environment from its front-end side. So the platform is an ideal solution for startups or system integrators with their hands full developing front-end apps and cannot afford to manage the back-end environment.

Technical Rockstars recently announced platform upgrade roll-outs platform with added support for three new functions: JSON Web Token (JWT), MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol, and Node.js SDK (software development kit).

With the platform’s support for JWT, developers will not need to code from scratch for Facebook/Twitter login or enterprise systems’ login functions using authentication services like Auth0 and AuthRocket, allowing them to take these functions outside to the Milkcocoa platform easily and securely.

Often applied to M2M (machine-to-machine) network and the IoT (internet of things) field, MQTT Protocol enables accepting many sessions with low-energy consumption because the protocol is lightweight and  lessens the loads on CPUs, communication modules as well as connected networks;  conventional versions of Milkcocoa required HTTP and WebSocket connections. Furthermore, support for  Node.js SDK simplifies the connection procedure for Milkcocoa interactions with IoT frameworks (e.g., Raspberry PI or Edison) yet increases their reliability.

Milkcocoa was developed based on the NoBackend approach, aiming to allow front-end engineers to develop web apps without considering back-end operations. With the current upgrade, the platform will even allow hardware engineers and IoT-focused software engineers to devote themselves to their jobs without considering the cloud and back-end environment.

Technical Rockstars CEO Shuhei Hiya, who in 2010 was designated a “supercreator” by IPA, the government-backed IT promotion authority, provided the following comment:

We want even novice engineers to eagerly develop a variety of services — regardless of web services, IoT or whatever — without worrying about drudgery around developing authentication process or configuring servers.

The Technical Rockstars members started writing a series column on Japanese online IT publication Gihyo.jp, introducing Milkcocoa utilization cases since March. Even the freemium version of the platform will work enough to try functionalities except the limit of the maximum concurrent connections so those who are interested in using the platform are highly recommended to give it a try.

Looking forward, Technical Rockstars will  introduce the Milkcocoa premium edition soon, followed by SDK for Android and iOS apps, then an online dashboard allowing developers to see the data being streamed into their apps.

Translated by Taijiro Takeda
Edited by Masaru Ikeda
Proofread by “Tex” Pomeroy