In Japan, sticky notes have gone high tech



I primarily use Google Calendar for my daily planning and task management, but when it comes to weekly or monthly plans, I still use a regular paper planner. But I recently came across a fun product called Picotto Fusen, comprised of a small sticky with a QR code printed on it. The code lets you conveniently attach or embed photos from your mobile phone to that particular sticky.

Just add the sticky somewhere in your notebook. Then, by using the dedicated smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android) to read the QR code printed on the sticky, you can choose photos from your photo library to associate with it. In fact, the sticky can record as many photos as you want, giving you instant access to those photos.

In work meetings with white boards, I usually take photos of what has been written on the board for later reference. But finding these photos in a cluttered photo library can be very time consuming. But now I can add a sticky in my planner to find the information I need.


Picotto Fusen was a standout product at ISOT, a large annual stationary products fair held in Japan. It is available in three different color variations (classic pink, chocolate beige, and charcoal grey) and comes with 24 stickies. The product can be purchased for 420 yen (or about $4.25) over on the company’s online shop or on Amazon.