Japanese photographer to hold ‘Cosplay made in Japan’ exhibition



Japan’s cosplay culture has attracted fans all over the world. And one photographer at the center of this culture is Yuji Sudo.

This August he is holding his first solo exhibition for a series called ‘Cosplay Made in Japan’. The collection of works, titled ‘Between erotic and shameful,’ showcases his works from the past 15 years where he has examined the thin line that exists between eroticism and cosplay. All of the cosplay costumes are original, made by Team Cosplay.

Yuji Sudo was born in 1963 and he graduated from Nihon University’s art program, after which he moved New York. After returning to Japan he began work as photographer focusing on fashion, music, and advertisement.

The ‘Cosplay Made in Japan’ exhibition will be held at the Emon Photo Gallery in Hiroo, Tokyo starting on August 24th and running until September 14th. For those of you who can’t make it to the gallery, his works can also be found in his recent book entitled Dempa Models x 100Cosplay where he worked as a producer in collaboration with an upcoming Japanese pop idol group Denpagumi.

You can check learn more about ‘Cosplay Made in Japan’ on this Facebook page. Check out some more of Sudo’s works below.