AI-based talent miner Atrae from Japan launches Tinder-like business matching app



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Tokyo-based Atrae recently launched a business matching app using an artificial intelligence (AI) system called Yenta. The app is available gratis for iOS via iTunes AppStore but users must pass screening by Atrae to complete the sign-up process.

The Yenta app helps users connect with businesspersons upon widening their network through profile registration and repeated swipes on a screen. Our readers may recall that Atrae launched a talent mining platform leveraging AI and big data analysis called TalentBase last February. Leveraging the experience the team has acquired through development of the TalentBase platform, the Yenta app recommends 10 persons the user may be interested in connecting with at noon daily. After choosing which persons the user wants to meet by swiping on the Tinder-like app, the matching result with other users will be sent out later at 8pm on the same day. When both users confirm to meet each other, they can start chatting via the app to make an appointment.

Toshiyuki Oka, Atrae director heading the development team, explained:

Since our product is targeting a niche segment and intends to help users meet each other on a face-to-face basis, we are currently targeting businesspersons in central Tokyo, not based on GPS data but on registered user profiles. Our users have to pass our screening upon sign-up so that we can pursue our user base both in quality and in quantity by carefully selecting cutting-edge people.

Since the launch of a closed beta version on 10 December last year, we have acquired 350 users to date. Since targeting such a core niche segment, we have moderately set our initial milestone as the acquisition of 100,000 users.

The service initially came up with matchmaking for business purposes in mind, similar to the Coffee Meeting where one has to choose people whom one may be interested in meeting up with. We’ve also recently seen other matchmaking services like Lemon and Join Us start up in Japan although these are not intended for business purposes.

Aiming to help users build and enhance their network, Atrae decided to offer the Yenta app completely for free as a derivative product from the TalentBase platform. The company claims that it will monetize by offering companies with support for their sales and hiring efforts through the app.

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Translated by Minako Ambiru via Mother First
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy