Spiker secures $600K in series B, develops AI monitoring baby’s heartbeat at birth in Africa

Image credit: Spiker

Based out of Tokyo’s neighboring city of Chiba and Rwanda’s capital Kigali, Japanese startup Spiker has been developing and deploying a solution called Alert-Monitor, comprising of the artificial intelligence (AI) focused on analyzing fetal heart rate labor chart data and its central monitoring software. The company announced on Thursday that it has raised 83 million yen (about $600,000) from Inclusion Japan and DG Incubation in a pre-series A round.

The AI technology is capable of analyzing medical data measured by delivery monitoring equipment and providing on-time support for appropriate medical decisions. As many as 3.9 million babies die annually in developing countries, especially in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, which is equivalent to 95% of the world’s perinatal deaths.

To solve this problem, appropriate use of cardiotocography (CTG) data is expected. However, it is difficult to provide all midwives and nurses with the training necessary to analyze CTG data in developing countries because of a serious shortage of medical personnel. The Alert-Monitor solution help them make appropriate medical judgment without the need for instruction and training of skilled physicians. It can lead to realizing appropriate intervention at medical institutions suffering from a shortage of personnel.

Engineers from Rwanda, India, and Japan are engaged in developing the AI technology at Spiker. In addition to repeating demonstration tests in Africa, where the number of deliveries is about five times that of Japan, the team is conducting speedy collaboration with Japanese engineers. The company plans to use the funds rto make necessary preparations for sales activities in Africa, AI development, and medical device certification.

via Spiker