Tokyo-based web marketing agency to launch Japan’s first ever ‘audience commerce’ platform


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feedbuyTokyo-based web marketing agency Hivelocity has unveiled Japan’s first ever audience commerce platform. It’s called Feedbuy, and it has just opened up pre-registration for membership. The company expects to launch the service around late-April or early-May.

For those of you who may not be familiar with it yet, the concept of audience commerce is that the more users spread the word about a product using their social network, the lower the sales price becomes. If the volume of social buzz about the item reaches a certain point, merchants may even give users a 100% discount. We’re told the platform is Japan’s first ever promotion tool using this audience commerce model, where merchants can sell their products on the platform and ask users to help their promotional efforts.

Hyvelocity was founded in 2004 by several Japanese web producers, and has been distributing web marketing solutions for companies in partnership with inbound marketing solution provider HubSpot.