Business web services to be showcased at Tokyo event on July 19th


We recently received word about an upcoming event in Tokyo this month highlighting many business web services. This ‘BizWeb’ event will take place at Microsoft Japan headquarters on July 19th, running from 10am to 8pm.

We’re told that the objective will be to promote more awareness of web services, and encourage more SMEs to make use of them. There will be 15 companies with booths set up on the site, each one showcasing their services and what they have to offer SMEs. About 200 visitors are expected to attend in total.

There will be speakers there as well, including George Goda, who will talk about how web services are used outside of Japan, and Microsoft and Prezi will be there to talk about their services too.

Consumer internet services tend to get most of the attention in the media, so we’re happy to give this BizWeb event a quick shout out here, in case some of our readers want to go check it out.

The event is being organized by Libv K.K, led by Hiroki Kudo. If you’d like to find out more, there is more information available on the DoorKeeper event page.