Grand Prix Story: Retro 8-bit racing goodness on mobile


There were lots of fun mobile games at the recent Tokyo Game Show. But here’s a game that I stumbled upon today, which has actually been around for some time, but is still worth sharing here. Kairosoft’s Grand Prix Story is a delicious little 8-bit race simulation game that puts you in the role of a racing team manager. And for a racing game that actually require you to drive, it’s surprisingly fun.

Your job is to manage the teams funds, improve your car, hire drivers and mechanics, and even acquire sponsorships. You can spend money to have your team conduct research on developing better car parts, and then out them to the test in a simulated race.

As the team manager, you can also put your driver through training, but you need to make sure he’s well rested enough to go full throttle on race day. If he can pull off a podium finish, that will bring prize money you can further invest, and it also turns the heads of sponsors to get behind your team.

Grand Prix Story comes in two versions: a paid app which is $3.99, and a free/lite version that limits your playing time. For a better idea of how the game is played, check out our video demo above.

If you’d like to try another fun 8-bit mobile game from Japan, you might also check out Ninja Striker, a really fun retro platformer that we looked at last month.

grand-prix-story-2 grand-prix-story