Japan’s Ninja Striker is a wonderfully retro 8bit game for iPhone



Here’s a really fun mobile game for you to kick off your weekend with. Ninja Striker is a great little side-scroller, designed in the 8-bit style that children of the 80s will love.

It has very much a Sonic or Mario Bros feeling, with coins to collect and oncoming monster baddies to slash up. But because it’s a mobile game, the controls have been simplified in a very clever way.

All you need to do is point where you want your ninja to fly or strike, and he’ll do it. He’s pretty immune to gravity as well, capable of clinging to walls and ceilings too (sort of like Ninja Gaiden).

Developed by Q-cumber Factory, Ninja Striker is usually priced at 85 yen (or a dollar), but it’s free right now for a limited time.

I’ve been enjoying it a lot today, and I recommend you give it a try as a nice casual time killer with a dash of retro nostalgia. You can pick it up over on the App Store, or if you’d like a preview of the gameplay check out our video demo below.