Cat-on-roomba iPhone game from Japan may have just won the internet



One of the first computer games that I remember playing as a kid is Breakout. Since then there have been many re-imaginings of the iconic game, but I recently stumbled upon a unique one over on App Bank. It’s called Cat with Rumba (‘Neko no Rumba’ in Japanese), and by combining computer game nostalgia and the power of cute cats, this game may very well have just won the internet.

If you’ve played Breakout before, the simple mechanics will be familiar to you. You simply move the paddle in the bottom of the screen to bounce your Roomba-riding cat around a very messy room.

The cat-and-Roomba combo are actually a pretty hard target to miss, but the difficult part is cleaning up all the garbage before the 60-second timer runs out. In the process you can snatch up valuable treasure items too, adding to your collection as you go. When you completely clean the room, the cat does a really awesome dance as well!

It is still just available to play in Japanese, but it’s simple enough to play even if you can’t read the text. If you’d like to give it a try, you can download it for free over on the App Store [1]. Even though it has yet to really catch on, even in Japan, it’s a super fun game and I really recommend you check it out!

cat-with-rumba-2 cat-with-rumba-2

  1. I should note that this app did crash a few times for me when I installed it. So you may or may not experience the same thing. Good luck!  ↩