Raising Titan: Japan’s latest disgustingly cute iPhone game


Readers may recall that a few months back we mentioned a really strange, but really fun game from Japan called Alpaca Evolution. The game can be described as kimo kawaii or “disgustingly cute”, and millions of downloads later Japanese mobile users have really taken to it.


In case you thought that sort of hit was a one time thing, another equally weird mobile game is number one in Japan’s App Store today. It’s called Raising Titan.

Update: This app appears to have been removed from the App Store. I’ll keep you posted if I learn why.

When you start the game you’re given a little newborn character to care for, with options to feed or bathe it when needed. After a while, you level up to become a new, stranger looking giant, and it continues in this way until you become something quite monstrous. There’s also a mini game that looks very much inspired by Alpaca Evolution, where your giant has to eat up as many tiny humans as possible within the given time.

The title is was the top free iOS app in Japan for a while today, and is also doing well in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

If you’d like to get a closer look at the wacky gameplay, check out our video demo below.

Via App Annie