Japan’s disgustingly cute ‘Alpaca Evolution’ gets a prequel



We previously wrote about the very strange, but very cute Alpaca Evolution mobile game, which has managed to attract over 5 million downloads in Japan [1]. And now a new version has been released – or rather, to be precise it’s a prequel, appropriately titled Alpaka Nii-san Begins.

If you recall the original game, you are an alpaca who beats up on your alpaca brothers, absorbing them into your body to evolve into monstrous new forms of alpaca. In this new iteration, the gameplay is essentially the same, but we have the option of choosing from two storylines (‘power’ or ‘subservient’), with four possible endings. And if you make it to the ending, you’ll know the mystery that lies behind these funny animals.

So far the game is ranked 10th overall in the Japan App Store on iOS, and if the previous version is any indication, it is likely to hit the top spot too, perhaps sometime over the weekend.

If you’d like give Alpaca Nii-san Begins a try, you can pick it up for free over on the App Store or on Google Play. To get an idea of how the game is played, check out our video for the original Alpaca Evolution below. (Via VS Media)

  1. The title is actually Alpaca Nii-san, or ‘brother alpaca’, but the developer Cocosola translates it as ‘Alpaca Evolution’. Also, the five million downloads figure is taken from its English iOS app description. Some of the other app descriptions differ in their total.  ↩