Where are the startup incubators and accelerators in Asia? Here’s 100 of ’em



Over on our Japanese site, my colleague Takuya has put together a very informative list of incubators and accelerators from around the Asia region. This follows his previous list of Japanese seed accelerators and VC firms, which I encourage you to check out as well.

We thought that since there aren’t many places online where you can find such information all in one place, it might be a good idea to publish it here too. So with that, I present to you the list below, which despite its size is not meant to be totally comprehensive — so we welcome any suggestions for places we might have missed in the comments [1].



  1. Startmate (Australia): This accelerator has a five-month program that includes a trip to Silicon Valley.
  2. Ignition Labs (Australia): A three month program that focuses on clean tech.
  3. Pollenizer (Australia): Offers funding via Pollenizer Ventures, and menturing from the founders and others.
  4. PushStart (Australia): A three-month program. Incubated startups receive some funding as well as office space and mentorship.
  5. Venture Incubator Space (Australia): A one-year incubation period, subsidized working space.
  6. BlueChilli (Australia): This incubator has presences in Sydney and Melbourne.
  7. Angel Cube Melb (Australia): Based in Melbourne, this three month intensive incubator accepts four teams, awarding $20,000 to each one.
  8. York Butter Factory (Australia): Focused on digital media. It also provides co-working space.
  9. Gen Innovation Australia (GENIAUS) (Australia): Focused on interactive media and digital art. Mentoring is peer-based, with assistance from experienced entrepreneurs.
  10. iLab (Australia): A paid incubator for early stage companies.
  11. Brisbane Technology Park (Australia): Provides access to business mentors and VCs.
  12. Gold Coast Innovation Centre (Australia): Focuses on early stage startups with mentorship provided.
  13. Innovation Centre (Australia): Focused on things like clean tech, health, and creative.
  14. Startup Tasmania (Australia): Focuses on fast-growth startups. There is a co-working space that also provides networking opportuities to meet investors.
  15. Innovyz (Australia): Offers a 12-week accellerator program, which includes cash, mentoring, and more.
  16. iCentre Brunei (Brunei): Focuses on ICT startups, and provides mentorship and networking.
  17. EME Business Incubator (Cambodia): Mentors high-potential entrepreneurs in the country.
  18. Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.svg

  19. Axlr8r (China): Established in 2010, helping companies improve their products for US and Chinese markets.
  20. Innovation Works (China): Established by Kaifu Lee back in 2009. The Innovation Works Development Fund is an early stage development fund co-managed with WI Harper Group.
  21. HAXLR8R (China): HAXLR8R is a seed program that offers mentorship for international hardware startups.
  22. Flag_of_Hong_Kong.svg

  23. SOFTLAYER CATALYST (Hong Kong): This virtual incubator from SoftLayer helps startups with hosting, development and support. It is based in Hong Kong, but covers all of the Asia Pacific region.
  24. NEST (Hong Kong): Holds monthly pitch days, and startups receive office space, some funding, and mentoring.
  25. StartupsHK.com (Hong Kong): Non-profit startup community.
  26. AcceleratorHK (Hong Kong): Provides co-working space and mentorship. It is run by entrepreneurs Stephen Forte and Paul Orlando.
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  28. The Morpheus (India): Focused on early stage startups, and incubates companies for four months.
  29. T-Labs (India): Operated by Times Internet Limited, provides mentorship from entrepreneurs and angel investors.
  30. The Startup Centre (India): Has a resident program as well as an accelerator program.
  31. Microsoft Accelerator India (India): This program runs for four months, and brings in new batches in May and November.
  32. iAccelerator (India): Targets mobile and internet startups, providing them with capital as well as mentoring, networking opportunities, and a demo day.
  33. VentureNursery (India): Runs for 13 weeks with 8 startups selected, and is held twice a year.
  34. GSF India (India): This Delhi-based accelerator is actually a multi-city effort with presences in Mumbai and Bangalore as well. It is led by Rajeshi Sawhney, the former president of Reliance Entertainment.
  35. The Hatch (India): Has physical and virtual programs for startups. The incubator program runs for 52 weeks; accelerator for 13 weeks.
  36. INFUSE Ventures (India): Focuses on startups doing work in the areas of sustainable energy and clean tech. Has a partnership with the Indian government.
  37. Gemini New Media Ventures (India): Offers startups assistance with their business strategy, helping them grow to a sustainable state.
  38. Rural Technology & Business Incubator (India): Funded by both the World Bank’s InfoDev Project as well as DST. It has a rural focus.
  39. Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship(SINE), IIT Bombay (India): Focuses on entrepreneurial research, with financial assistance coming from DST.
  40. New Ventures India (India): This Indian incubator targets the ‘green business’ space.
  41. Technopark TBI (India): A joint initiative between Technopark and the DST.
  42. IIIT-Bangalore Innovation Centre (India): Targets seed-stage startups, providing support in the form of a work space and consultation.
  43. Startup Village (India): Supports student entrepreneurs in the Kerala region.
  44. 5ideas (India): Founded by Pearl Uppal and Gaurav Kachru, and aims to support entrepreneurship among women.
  45. Freemont Partners (India): India’s first global incubator and accelerator, focusing on tech startups
  46. MyfirstCheque (India): Invests in local startups, and provides mentorship. It is organized by a group of experienced entrepreneurs.
  47. Indian Angel Network Incubator (India): Supported by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, the Department of Science and Technology, and the government of India.
  48. Technology Business Incubator, IIT Delhi (India): Accepting proposals by students, academic staff, or alumni.
  49. Veddis (India): Offers office space, insfrastructure, and support to startups. Investments range from $250,000 to $10M.
  50. Khosla Labs (India): Run by Srikanth Nadhamuni, the head of technology at the Unique Identificantion Authority of India.
  51. Flag_of_Indonesia.svg

  52. MerahPutih (Indonesia): Provides working space and capital to early to mid-stage startups.
  53. investidea (Indonesia): Focused on early stage tech/web startups, providing funding, advice, and other support.
  54. Bandung Ventures (Indonesia): Bandung Ventures makes seed-stage investments in the Bandung region.
  55. Raja Capital (Indonesia): VC that focuses on tech startups in the seed/early/growth stages.
  56. Ideosource (Indonesia): Run by Andi S. Boediman, focusing on see investment. It launched in June of 2011.
  57. Project Eden (Indonesia): Claiming to be Indonesia’s first startup accelerator, this one is supported by Jardintech Capital.
  58. Batavia Incubator ( Indonesia): Joint venture run by Takeshi Ebihara, who is very experienced in the tech startup scene.
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  60. SparkLabs (Korea): An accelerator focused on tech companies, with mentorship, office space, and advisors available.
  61. Strong Ventures (Korea): Targets young entrepreneurs and startups in the seed stage.
  62. KStartup (Korea): KStartup operates under AppCenter, and is a partner with Google for Entrepreneurs.
  63. Primer (Korea): Initiated by Primer Group, and headed by by CEO Douglas Guen.
  64. IgniteSpark (Korea): This incubator/accelerator is led by David Choi.
  65. Fast Track Asia (Korea): Initiated by same investors who backed TickerMonster.
  66. TJ Heaven(Startup Party) (Korea): Focuses primarily on mentoring for young startups, and is led by Gyumin Cho.
  67. Founders Camp (Korea): This accelerator is led by Heeseung Kang.
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  69. Grey Attic (Malasya): Aspires to create new businesses and match them with business opportunities. It provides them with valable mentoring along the way. Update: We’re told this isn’t active these days.
  70. MAD Incubator (Malaysia): Makes assistance and incubation affordable to most entrepreneurs via its MAD programs.
  71. MVP’s Incubator (Philippines): Supported by a wide range of business interests.
  72. Launchgarage (Philippines): Early stage funding program supported by Globe Telecom.
  73. IdeaSpace (Philippines): Incubator and accelerator that aims to support entrepreneurship in the Philippines.
  74. Kickstart (Philippines): Began in March of 2012 to support tech entrepreneurship in the Philippines.
  75. Flag_of_Singapore.svg

  76. Seed Accelerator (Singapore (AUS)): An early stage VC/incubator targeting startups in Sydney and Singapore.
  77. Azione Capital (Singapore): This seed stage VC focuses on digital media and mobile communications.
  78. Golden Gate Ventures (Singapore): This incubator helps internet startups across Southeast Asia,
  79. Jungle Ventures (Singapore): Focuses on seed and Series A investments in the Asia Pacific region.
  80. IncuVest (Singapore): Focuses on mentoring young startup companies in the information technology space.
  81. TNF Ventures (Singapore): Includes many established individuals in the tech community, highly experienced in founding and mentoring young startups.
  82. Red Dot Ventures (Singapore): Operated by entrepreneur Leslie Loh. It provides support in the form of financing, mentoring, etc.
  83. Get2Volume Accelerator (Singapore): Focused on building companies in the microelectronics and semiconductor industries.
  84. The Biofactory (Singapore): This incubator creates biomedical companies.
  85. WaveMaker Labs (Singapore): Focuses on digital media and tech startups.
  86. Clearbridge Accelerator (Singapore): Clearbridge Partner’s incubator arm, comprised of Singaporean tech entrepreneurs and scientists.
  87. I2G Tech Accelerator (Singapore): Accelerator focused on clean energy, wireless, and medical technologies for B2B.
  88. Neoteny Labs Silicon Straits (Singapore): Early stage incubator founded by Joichi Ito.
  89. Plug and Play Singapore (Singapore): Established in 2006, invests in high tech startups.
  90. Social Slingshot (Singapore): Founded by MySpace.com founder Brad Greenspan, invests in social, mobile, clean tech.
  91. Small World Group (Singapore): Focused on clean tech and optical systems.
  92. Stream Global (Singapore): Venture ‘catalyst’ for tech startups.
  93. TechCube8 (Singapore): Private technology investor and incubator to promote entrepreneurship and high tech R&D.
  94. Gobi Partners (Singapore): Early stage VC firm for IT and digital media in China.
  95. JFDI.Asia (Singapore): Seed accelerator focusing on mobile and digital products for Asia.
  96. Expara (Singapore): Established in 2003, it invests in and nurtures entrepreneurs, mostly in the interactive and digital media spaces.
  97. Base@muvee (Singapore): An incubator and a co-working space.
  98. Founder Institute Singapore (Singapore): A four month training program for entrepreneurs in a range of industries.
  99. I.JAM INCUBATOR (Singapore): Supports startups with great ideas that can be developed into products and services.
  100. NUS Enterprise Incubator (Singapore): For both early and late stage startups, providing advice, mentoring, facilities and more.
  101. Crystal Horse Investment (Singapore): Primarily involved in angel investments, also providing advice, support, funding and expertise.
  102. Ruvento Ventures (Singapore): Manages RUVENTO’s venture funds. Focuses on incubating companies in Singapore, then giving them market access to Asia Pacifc and Greater China.
  103. NTU Ventures (Singapore): A greenlane incubator for a number of grant schemes.
  104. Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) (Singapore): Works with many plaers in ICT, focusing on things like digital media, cloud computing, etc.
  105. QuestAccelerator (Singapore): Team is made up of people experienced in the Chinese market.
  106. Fatfish MediaLab (Singapore): Focused on mobile and social media apps.
  107. FocusTech Ventures (Singapore): Focused on hardware startups and manufacturing technologies.
  108. Angels Gate Advisory (Singapore): Manages the incubation of companies from the Angels Gate platform.
  109. PARCO next NEXT (Singapore): A fashion incubator that selects fashion designers for an 18-month training program.
  110. East Ventures (Singapore): First investments company for tech startups in Indonesia.
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  112. Appworks Venture (Taiwan): Focses in Chinese internet and mobile phone applications, founded in 2009.
  113. YSeed (Taiwan): Incubation program from Yushan Ventures, supporting startups by helping them with user acquisition, funding, and internationalization.
  114. M8VC (Thailand): Offers an accelerator program with seed funding, offices space, and mentorship.
  115. AIS (Thailand): A top startup incubator in Thailand.
  116. NSTDA BIC (Thailand): Thailand’s national business incubator supporting entrepreneurs.
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  118. 5Desire (Vietnam): Incubator and conssulting firm focused on various sectors.
  119. FICO by FPT (Vietnam): This incubator primarily targets students.
  120. Topica Founder’s Institute (Vietnam): This is a 15-week program for leaders from successful startups.