In Japan, creative trash can mod yields faux Mac Pro

Faux Mac Pro made from Tubelor garbage can (photo via

Many of you may have seen the now famous ‘Tubelor’ trash can selling on Amazon Japan that bears a striking resemblance to the new Mac Pro. Well, it was probably inevitable that this would happen, but someone has taken that trash can and turned it into a PC case, effectively making a very cheap, but still very slick looking faux Mac Pro computer.

The folks over at have outlined the process undertaken by a former PC parts shop worker. The guts of his machine are a 2.5 GHz i3 processor, two sticks of DDR3 RAM (2GB each), an Intel DH67CF system board, and two 120GB solid state drives. Also included in the build were a 150W FlexATX power supply, a 12-centimeter fan, and an aluminum plate base which will be vertically oriented within the trash-can casing.

I’ve included a few pictures below, but to view the whole series of steps, do check out the Ascii post in its entirety (Google Translate). It’s a pretty great hack that will certainly turn some heads among your Mac-loving friends if you can pull it off.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Japan has been inspired by the new Mac Pro’s unusual appearance. You may recall the many creative photoshop interpretations that many Japanese netizens published just after the Mac Pro was announced at WWDC. So much fun!

(Via @freaklabs on Twitter)

garbage can mac pro
The ‘Tubelor’ garbage can, as seen on Amazon Japan. 3465 yen, or $35
Faux Mac Pro
Faux Mac Pro made from Tubelor garbage can (photo via