Hairmo: Another Japanese startup that wants to match stylists and models


This is part of our coverage of the Infinity Ventures Summit Kyoto 2013

One of the early pitches at the Infinity Ventures Summit in Kyoto was What this startup proposed was not a unique solution: matching aspiring hair-stylists (or hair-stylist assistants) with models to style for practice. “We are not the first,” they said, “but none of the others have been successful.” Our readers may recall that we have already featured a few of them.

They pointed out two issues facing any startup in this space.

  1. Customer’s level of trust in beauty salon assistants is low. (i.e. Some might even lie and say they are stylists assistants when they are not.)
  2. Difficulty in making reservations in a smooth manner.

Hairmo claims to have cracked this problem, since they are funded by a company that already has a large network of hair salons, so by using this network they aim to solve this problem by implementing a sort of ‘authorized’ mark for stylists.

The other problem is reservation, which they hope to simplify with an easy calendar, and a streamlined confirmation and payment process.

Hairmo already has 5000 users, having benefitted from some TV features. “We want our assistants to become full stylists,” they proclaimed.

It will be interesting to see how they fare in this competitive area. But if you’d like to try them out, you can get their app over on the App Store.