Toreta: A new reservation management app for restaurants in Japan


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Hitoshi Nakamura, the CEO of Toreta Inc., has released a new app for the food service industry called Toreta. Nakamura is best known as the founder FrogApps, which operates Japanese food photos sharing app, Mill. Our readers may recall that we previously spoke with Nakamura about his decision of stepping down as the CEO of FrogApps. And now, his new endeavor has been revealed [1].

Toreta is an iPad app that lets restaurants easily manage their customers’ reservations. It’s somewhat unique in that it targets restaurants as its users, and not customers. Reservation data is managed on the cloud, with features such as voice-recoding, hand-written notes, and the ability to send confirmation messages via SMS. You can get an the idea of how the service works in the introduction video above.

The biggest advantage to using the app is that restaurants can shorten the time required to take and manage reservations. Nakamura further explains:

Mill was a service for end users, but Toreta was designed and developed as a B2B service. As I have been in the restaurant busness, I have seen a lot of inefficiency and issues. With these issues in mind, the solution I decided to work on is Toreta. A reservation book is one of the most important tools for restaurants when managing critical information. Mishandling the reservations could damage customers’ satisfaction. So Toreta aims to avoid that sort of situations.


Nakamura points out that human errors are inevitable when keeping track in a paper book. And existing solutions for reservation management are not ideal. The initial fee to start using Toreta is free, and users are charged 9,000 yen per month. The first month is free as part of a free trial.


  1. He is also the owner of Butagumi, a restaurant located in Tokyo’s Nishi-Asabu area.  ↩