Fujitsu’s new projection technology adds a gesture interface layer to any object



Fujitsu Laboratories, the R&D arm of the Japanese electronics giant, recently unveiled a new technology that recognizes your finger gestures and allows you to add a sort of intelligent layer onto physical objects. The technology that makes this possible is a combination of a projector and several overhead cameras, letting you use gestures on an object as if it were a tablet or smartphone device.

The company plans to develop a commercial version of the system by the fiscal year 2014. They say it could be used to show detailed information at a travel agency, or when you fill in forms at a city office.

This technology, as well other futuristic developments like Google Glass or Telepathy One, have led some people to comment on social networks that the sort of interfaces seen in the movie Minority Report are almost a reality.

To learn more about how it works, check out the following Diginfo News video report.