Japan’s LifeTimer is redefining the calendar app



This is part of our coverage of the startup LaunchPad event from the Infinitity Ventures Summit in Sapporo, Japan. To read about other startups who pitched, you can read our other reports here.

One of the most interesting startups to pitch at the IVS Launchpad event was Pickles Inc. Readers may recognize the Tokyo-based mobile app development studio as the team that developed the clever Stamp Messenger app for Facebook messaging which we recently featured. But the service the brought to Sapporo this week was drastically different, as CEO Minoru Tanaka presented LifeTimer, a sort of personal scheduling or calendaring app that makes you think about time a little differently.

LifeTimer shows you your important life events as a countdown, thus conveying a sense of urgency, a kind of constant reminder that we might not have as much time as we think. The clock is after all ticking for us all, and LifeTimer is a good reminder of that.

Upon first opening the app, you have the option of connecting to your Facebook account, thus importing many if the events that may be on your schedule. You are also asked for your birthday, and when I did so it resulted in a countdown showing me when I’m going to turn forty! [1] I understand they are also looking at Google Calendar integration as well.

lifetimer-1 lifetimer-2
You can input your working hours, when you wake up or go to sleep, as well as important birthdays or other custom events. Repeating events can be set to recur yearly, monthly, or daily.

In this way, says Tanaka, they hope to dissect your day so that you can have a better understanding of time, and improve your life as a result. So far users appear to be responding well, with very positive ratings and reviews. For monetization, so far the app depends on ads, but premium features or add-ons will also be part of its business.

The nine-person team is planning to produce a version of LifeTimer in English, so stay tunes for that. But for now, if you’d like to try the Japanese version of the app, it’s available for download over on Apple’ App Store or on Google Play.

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  1. Thankfully I still have over five years left, but it’s nice to have a constant reminder to tell me that I’m not as young as I used to be.  ↩