Japan’s Fove unveils eye-tracking HMD, to avail prototype in 2015



Tokyo-based startup Fove announced earlier this week the development of a consumer-oriented head-mounted display (HMD) under the same name. They have completed their first proof-of-concept development and are readying a developers kit release for next year.

Earlier this month, the company was also accepted into Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London where they will investigate possible future cooperation with Microsoft Xbox due to its global market potential. They aim to unveil their prototype and release preliminary details of their software development kit (SDK) during the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Pitch day in December.

Fove, their product, will allow users to control a 360-degree virtual world with their eyes using a leading-edge display, eye tracking, orientation sensing and head position tracking [1]. The company wants to provide an SDK to gaming companies and encourage its adoption so that it will work with their gaming titles, while working with the rehabilitation industry to help autistic patients or the physically challenged communicate with others.

L to R: Fove CEO Yuka Kojima, CTO Lachlainn Wilson

Founded in May by Yuka Kojima (CEO) who had been directing popular gaming titles at Sony Computer Entertainment and Gree together with Australian image-processing engineer Lachlainn Wilson (CTO), Fove recently raised seed money from Tokyo University Industry-Academia Cooperation Intellectual Backyard and plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign in early 2015.

Via TechCrunch Japan

  1. Orientation sensing is made possible by an integration of a high refresh rate gyro, accelerometer, and magnetometer sensors. Head position tracking utilizes an external unit.  ↩