Japan’s Seven Dreamers developing the world’s first laundry bot with Panasonic, Daiwa House


This is a guest post authored by “Tex” Pomeroy. He is a Tokyo-based writer specializing in ICT and high technology.


Japanese startup Seven Dreamers has unveiled joint development with Panasonic (TSE:6752) and Daiwa House (TSE:1925) for commercialization of “Laundroid[1] at CEATEC Japan 2015, the largest consumer electronics exhibition in Asia being held under the theme of “NEXT – Today’s Dreams, Future Realities.”

The effort fuses pioneering automatic laundry folding technology developed by Seven Dreamers, advanced washing/drying machine technology and home electronics development capacity developed by Panasonic, and track record in housing/nursing care businesses expanded by Daiwa House.

Seven Dreamers’ booth at CEATEC Japan 2015 (Photo by Jerry Suppan)

Seven Dreamers implemented a large scale funding of 1.52 billion yen ($12.7 million) through third-party allocation of new shares by Daiwa House, the University of Tokyo Edge Capital, and several other companies in a series A funding, not only for development of revolutionary technology but also for expansion of business globally. The laundroid looks to free people from the labor required in folding and increases time with one’s family/hobby, resulting in revolutionizing people’s lifestyle.

Through this joint development, Panasonic aims to provide more comfortable life style to consumers by enabling the automation of not only washing and drying processes but also folding process. Meanwhile Daiwa House aims to achieve the realization of ideal social model by supplying services and products for the purpose of solving social issues.

  1. Trademark pending.