Japan’s Vook, knowledge base and portfolio showcase for videographers, raises $875K

The Adoir team: CEO Shuntaro Okamoto sits on the left on the front row.

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Tokyo-based Adoir, the Japanese startup running online platforms for videographers called Vook, announced on Monday that it has secured 100 million yen (about $875,000) in funding from Mizuho Bank with loans from government-backed Japan Finance Corporation. No details on financial terms have been included.

Launched back in February of 2016 as a beta version, the platforms allow users to share their knowledge and experiences about filming and videography, consisting of Vook note for sharing technical information among users and an invitation-only online portfolio showcase called Vook port. In addition to offering the service online, the company holds user meet-ups and bootcamp events across Japan to help the creators form a community.

The platform now has tens of thousand people as users, and many of them are involved in on-the-spot filming, animation producion, computer graphics, virtual reality and other video creation jobs. In additon to knowledge sharing in this sector, the platform is also well used for connecting business opportunities among users.

Going forward, the platform will aim to serve computer graphics creators, music composers and actors beyond dealing with camera-related topics and video-editing expertise. The company says that the funds will be used to enhance system development and content production for such efforts.

Translated by Masaru Ikeda
Edited by “Tex” Pomeroy