Omise, Global Brain to build global network of co-working spaces for blockchain startups

From left: OmiseGO CEO Jun Hasegawa, Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin, Global Brain CEO Yasuhiko Yurimoto
Image credit: Masaru Ikeda

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OmiseGo (abbreviated as OMG), the token economy-centric initiative by Bangkok-headquartered payment startup Omise and Tokyo-based VC firm Global Brain, held a joint press briefing/meetup in Tokyo today and announced that they will start building a global network of blockchain-focused co-working spaces called Neutrino (named after a fermion) together. The first venue will be set up in Shibuya of Tokyo (with a seating capacity of 40 developers), the largest startup hub in Japan, followed by other locations in Bangkok and Singapore.

Jun Hasegawa, OMG CEO, gave his presentation at Global Brain Alliance Forum held in December in Tokyo and emphasized that Ethereum-related business is in the earliest stage and overwhelmingly lacks information plus engineers to build up the ecosystem. To cover for this, Omise has revealed it would build co-working spaces in several cities around the world to gather blockchain startups, foster engineers and create open innovation opportunities including encouraging enterprises to discover blockchain use cases in their business.

Global Brain also revealed last year that it would establish a fund focusing on blockchain tech in partnership with Omise, the amount of which is estimated to be several tens of billions of yen (several hundred millions of dollars).

In addition, OMG and Global Brain Blockchain Labs (GBBL), the blockchain-focused initiative of the Tokyo VC firm, have announced the launch of Ethereum Community Fund (ECF) in partnership with Cosmos, Golem, Maker and Raiden, aiming to help developers improve Ethereum infrastructure and build dApps (decentralized apps).

In a recent post of Coinsquare, a crypto-centric news website in Canada, OMG’s Hasegawa was introduced as one of the most influential people behind leading digital currencies, alongside with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

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Neutrino co-working space in Shibuya (For illustrative purposes only, may differ from the actual photoshoot.)

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