Bridge Tokyo
Bridge Tokyo
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Feb 19, 2021

Bridge Tokyo is our signature business matchmaking initiative, specifically focused on helping startups from the world connect with relevant Japanese enterprises to ally and collaborate with.

Our team of representatives called Connectors is standing-by at all times to help both startups and enterprises find relevant partners as well as kick-off their discussion each others.



Seers Lab has developed AR Gear. This is The All-In-One Platform for Augmented Reality Application Developers.The world’s most advanced Augmented Reality SDK and rich AR content that brings Snapchat-like AR features to cameras for your augmented reality service development.

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Augmented Reality and smartglasses are changing the way we control and monitor machines in digital factories like manufacturing, maintenance, and training and how we guide and train people at work.

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Based in the U.S. and branch in Taiwan, Toii is an awards-winning team with diverse talents onboard. We create virtual gaming experience integrated with AR (Augmented Reality), Location-based Service (LBS), and Mobile Gaming. Our team is design and UX-driven. Most of our team talents are award-winning designers from New York, San Francisco, and Taipei.

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AR Market(Italy)

AR Market is an innovative start-up in the field of immersive technology. AR Gear SDK developed by AR Market allows you to incorporate elements of augmented reality, virtual reality and gamification into your business and training projects. This is an interactive experience.

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Emotionwave is creating a new music environment and experience. We bring together music and IT technology professionals to create new musical experiences. Emotionwave’s augmented reality music experience is visually represented by analyzing instruments and music in real time. In addition, by fusing with AI characters, we will provide a service API that is invisible but can be easily expressed as if you were with me.

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Quantum Core(Japan)

Quantum Core has developed the industry’s first next-generation multivariate recurrent neural network (RNN) solution that leverages reservoir computing. This edge AI solution allows simultaneous real-time learning and inference of six AI models on a microcontroller, enabling the complex contactless user interface using only optical sensors.

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Amatelus has developed Swipe Video that is a patented Free-Viewpoint video delivery system. A new form of XR that allows the user to change viewing angle by swiping. It works with HTML5 and no app is required. In addition, it is compatible with 4G environment.

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Morphotonics is an ambitious and dedicated company with a clear focus on large-area Roll-to-Plate micro- and nanoimprint technology. Theirs Roll-to-Plate technology is the best solution to imprint micro- and nanostructures directly on large rigid and flexible surfaces. They open up application areas that are currently out of reach or not cost-effective.

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ALPHACIRCLE has developed a VR solution called – ALPHAView, which is a VR video engine that increases pixels in a specific frame of viewer’s field of view to 2 million pixels, which enhances 4 times more pixels than any other standard VR software. Consequently, this makes every frame of a 360-degree video into 8K 3D VR form. Moreover, ALPHAView’s proprietary playback synchronization solution maintains this rich picture resolution throughout every frame in a 360-degree video by switching between frames in such a short time that it leaves no room for discontinuity.

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