Build your own iPhone-controlled RC car!



For many people, driving a radio-controlled car is one of their most treasured childhood memories. Even big boys still find the experience intriguing, as you often see RC car competitions held all over the world. But what if you could build your own car and drive it with your iPhone or iPad?

Actually, Japan Trust Technology, Inc has invented just such a car. It’s named Tsuku-Raji, a moniker which combines the Japanese words for “make” and “radio.” All you need to do is build your dream car on top of the 9.5cm x 4.7cm base unit. The resulting RC vehicle can then be controlled using their dedicated iOS app (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). The iPhone can even be used as a steering wheel by turning on the gyro mode!

Charging the car and the transmitter is quick and easy, simply by connecting to your computer with a USB cable. Tsuku-Raji comes in two colors, black and red, and is priced at 3,980 yen (about $43) for just the car, and 4,480 yen ($48) with the USB AC adapter included. If you’d like to order one, you can do so on the JTT website if you’re in Japan. We’ll let you know if they become available to overseas buyers.

Kids can’t get enough of the iPhone, and it goes without saying that they love RC cars. This product is the perfect combination of the two, and is sure to be a big hit. Parents will certainly be fans as well, as the building process should help foster creativity.

Check out the demonstration of Tsuku-Raji in the video clip below.