Less is more: Sleek Japanese app simplifies your Amazon shopping



Shopping for everyday items online is becoming a norm for many Japanese people. According to a survey conducted by a Japanese internet marketing company Ceres, roughly 84% of respondents have used online shopping services.

Whether you’re a successful online shopper or not largely depends on your capability to search and find the product that you’re looking for. Is it the best among all similar products? For Japanese users, Searchist may some assurance if you’re uncertain.

Searchist is a simple and sleek iOS search app, made exclusively for Amazon products, sorting them by sales ranking. The app focuses on Amazon’s books, games, videos, and music, but it also comes with a feature that lets you see the best-selling products in any category. The app only shows top 10 of any product category, which is probably more than enough for most people to choose from.

According to the survey above, Amazon is popular among teenagers, whereas Rakuten is more popular among all other age groups. Similarly research by Gain found that 90% of seniors have used Rakuten, with Amazon ranking second at about 55%.

With the Japan’s aging population, it would be neat to see a similar sort of product like Searchist that focuses on Rakuten. But for now, perhaps it’s the (mobile-savvy) younger generation’s affinity for Amazon that has resulted in demand for an app like this.